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Port Graham Corporation (PGC) is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), parent company of a family of subsidiary companies, including two ANC 8(a)-certified small businesses, Port Graham Technologies and Windy Bay Services. PGET is joint venture with long time business partner 3GLP, Inc dba E-Terra and Precision Flight Devices, who are one of the nations premier providers of Geo-Spatial,  Information Technology and Unmanned Aircraft Systems services providers.

Formed under the Alaska Native Settlement Act of 1971 to represent the Sugpiag people inhabiting the Kenai Fjords, PGC is located on the tip of the gorgeous Kenai peninsula at the sea-bound entry to Cook Inlet, which reaches Anchorage over 100 miles to the North.

Through its subsidiaries, PGC offers a broad range of private and government-sector services:

  • technology, oil and gas
  • commercial and institutional building construction, maintenance and repair
  • facilities support services
  • an array of program support and administration services, and
  • professional and project management services.

Characterized by a strong leadership, sound management, PGC delivers results and ensures project discipline and superior performance.

PGC core business principles are focused on delivery of the highest possible value, on schedule, and on budget to our clients and partners. We consistently look to exceed customer requirements, maintain a culture of excellence, honest and transparent communication, and a spirit of genuine cooperation.

PGC corporate vision for the future is to expand its diversification within the private sector portfolio and boost its business opportunities in Government Contracting through prudent contract acquisitions, start-up ventures, joint ventures and mentor-protégé relationships.
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Port Graham Corp and our subsidiaries manage projects that include:Oil rig mooring and maintenance – Windy Bay Corp. and PGC EnergyUtilities delivery, management, and maintenance – Windy Bay Corp.Project Management for Engineering, IT, & Construction -, Port Graham Development Corp.IT and Telecommunications – Port Graham Technologies, LLCTourism – Port Graham Wilderness AdventuresNot-for-profit community services for Port Graham – Paluwik Heritage Foundation
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At Port Graham Corporation, we are gifted with some of the richest, most abundant lands, fishing, wildlife and forests in the world, which are the source of our continued prosperity.

Our mission is to create long-term shared wealth for both our partners and our shareholders, so that both Port Graham and our venture partners will achieve increasing levels of prosperity, while preserving the natural wealth we have inherited for future generations.
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As the primary employer in the village of Port Graham, we are responsible for our village’s energy needs, forestry, sports fishing/hunting, mining, roads, health, sanitation, infrastructure, transportation, fisheries, canneries, commerce, jobs, and cultural heritage.Yet global forces threaten our way of life. In order to create wealth, protect the land, and sustain our heritage, we must respond to these challenges with intelligent strategic partnerships, strong leadership, and responsible administration of our resources.So we will make our partners successful, because that how we will bring prosperity to our village and preserve our way of life.

“Become the world leader in sustainable sports fishing, develop internationally recognized practices in sustainable land development, and integrate modern technology, prosperity and our traditional subsistence lifestyle in complete harmony.”

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  • Honesty: We seek truth, clarity and openness in all communications.
  • Integrity: We keep our word.
  • Commitment: We take the long term view and do what is most beneficial for our company, our stakeholders, and our partners as a whole.
  • Responsibility: To put to good use everything we have and only what we need.
  • Respect: We will hear and understand the voices of all our stakeholders.